Ketan Karia, CMO and Senior Vice President of Ingres Corporation, provides 11 big data analytics predictions for 2011. I thought we were through with predictions for 2011, but this is worthwhile. Karia focuses on the fact that big data alone doesn’t bring big insights: analytics does. He looks at key trends such as in-memory analytics and self-service business intelligence, but what he really emphasizes are the chips.

“In 2011, expect to see more solutions hit the market that enable business software to exploit the tremendous capabilities of modern chips that aren’t currently doing so, rather than forcing chip customization or blindly throwing hardware at the problem,” he writes.

His 11 predictions are:

  1. We’ll hark the chips, not the hardware.
  2. Chip scale-out will date MPP and shrink big data networks.
  3. Memory will go RAM.
  4. Chip companies will spend more on R&D in 2011.
  5. Acceleration of analytics will support the agile enterprise.
  6. Businesses will sponsor their own analytical capabilities.
  7. Analytics gets more embedded into business applications.
  8. Open source moves to more hybrid models.
  9. Subscriptions stack up by the hour.
  10. Self-service BI gets more attention.
  11. Users want to be “in the moment” with data insights.

That last prediction ties everything else together: real-time analytics is driving in-memory analytics, the hardware race and the evolution of BI and analytics software.

We covered business analytics predictions from Forrester and Gartner here.

Photo by iurikothe