Designing and managing your business’s Google AdWords can be an overwhelming process. Even though there’s plenty of information available – or perhaps because there’s so much available – figuring out your strategies can be confusing. Even if you have a clear plan, the Google AdWords interface can be incredibly frustrating.

But Google AdWords are still a key form of online advertising – and it remains Google’s largest source of revenue. Frustrations with the service, then, make it a great opportunity for a startup like AdGrok that launches to the publi today.

The Y Combinator alum provides search engine marking tools to small businesses, simplifying keyword bidding and and ad creation.

AdGrok offers a browser-based tool, the GrokBar, that lets you view the AdWords data on your company’s pages. This lets you view the performance of the keywords you’re buying there – a breakdown of the impressions, clicks, and conversion rates. You’ll be able to easily judge the traffic from a keyword or ad. AdGrok’s tools also make suggestions about ways in which keyword campaigns can be improved.

In addition to the GrokBar, AdGrok has a number of services, including a Shopify app that integrates a company’s product catalog (and associate inventory) with AdWords.

AdGrok aims to make keyword management, well, manageable for small businesses, but it also offers GrokMe, a managed product that will assign a Google Certified Professional do all the set-up and maintenance of an account.

audrey watters