Tinypay.me is a new e-commerce-as-a-service startup that makes selling your goods and services online a breeze. That’s quite a feat, as while there are lots of e-commerce platforms available, many of them require days (at least) to set up and integrate.

Today Tinypay.me launches its API aimed at enabling developers to create their own e-commerce apps, and as with the Tinypay.me website, the startup promises that same ease-of-use.

The API will enable other users log in with their PayPal account, put items up for sale and receive payments – all from within the application. Developers can also earn money by charging their users a fee on every transaction.

The API is meant to help other developers create standalone e-commerce apps. “We don’t consider our API as just an extension of our website, we see it as a standalone e-commerce platform for developers,” says Tinypay.me’s CTO Melvin Tercan.

Tinypay.me uses PayPal’s infrastructure for authenticating users and receiving payments. Your users needn’t sign up for Tinypay.me to use the service. They just need a PayPal account.

Tinypay.me’s API is available through Mashape‘s marketplace. We covered Mashape on its launch last fall. As Tercan argues, “the main benefit of using a standardized API platform like Mashape is that if you learn how one API works, you essentially learn them all.”

Developers can use the “tinypay” coupon code to sign up at Mashape to receive an invitation to the service.