I don’t know about you, but when I hear the words “Wanna go squirrel fishing?” I think “Heck yeah!” The same would go for a hot air balloon ride, a ride in a wind tunnel or tracking down some bison in Golden Gate park. But how could I get all these ideas?

Stomp.io, explained the company on stage at the LAUNCH conference, is “a social adventure network that lets us find fun things to do wherever we are.” As someone who has a penchant for lists, mobile apps, sharing my adventures with friends and the idea of activities like “squirrel fishing” (I really can’t leave that one behind) Stomp.io is an app I can get behind.

Stomp lets users both search through existing “adventures” and create new ones and it seems to be based on the organizing principle of “pics or it didn’t happen.” The site gives a basic four-step how-to on how it works:

Step one is to search for adventures on the site, of which there are many, and add them to your bucket list. Once you find, or create, an adventure, you can add it to your bucket list and invite friends along on the site and through Facebook or Twitter. You can also find other Stomp.io members who are interested and see if they want to join you. Next comes the gamification aspect of Stomp.io. Each time you complete a task, you get points, with different adventures giving a different number of “adventure points.” But how do you prove that you’ve completed a task? By taking a picture. As I said, pics or it didn’t happen. From there, you can take these points and earn badges and rewards.

Does it sound game-able? Sure, but who would want to do that? If you’re lame enough to just try to get points instead of finding the famous bushman or riding the lion on the Golden Gate Carousel, then I honestly feel sorry for you.

Stomp.io has both an iPhone and Android app and adventures in New York, Boston and San Francisco. In the meantime, let me know if you want to take a ride in the most entertaining cab ever, because I’m totally down.

mike melanson