Cloudata is a new open source implementation of Google’s BigTable paper. It can be found on Github here. It appears to be the project of a Korean developer named YKKwon.

As noted at MyNoSQL, there are only a couple commits and it’s not clear how serious this project is. But it will be of interest to big data, MapReduce and BigTable buffs.

Cloudata differentiates itself from Hadoop by offering an indexed but still non-relational database, but is probably more comporable to HBase and Hypertable, which are also open source BigTable implementations. The project’s website claims Cloudata can retrieve data within a few milliseconds.

Here’s a list of the current features:

Basic data service

Table Management



Change log Server

Support language

  • Single row operation(get, put)
  • Multi row operation(like, between, scanner)
  • Data uploader(DirectUploader)
  • MapReduce(TabletInputFormat)
  • Simple cloudata query and supports JDBC driver
  • split
  • distribution
  • compaction
  • Web based Monitor
  • CLI Shell
  • Master failover
  • TabletServer failover
  • Reliable fast appendable change log server
  • Java, RESTful API, Thrift