Today InfoChimps released Infochimpy, a Python client library for the Infochimps API. It’s based on Tweepy, a Python library for the Twitter API.

The Infochimps API, launched last year, gives developers access to the many data sets such as archived Twitter conversations and U.S. Census information.

Here are the API calls available trough the Python library:

  • trstrank gets the trstrank and trstquotient for a given Twitter user
  • stronglinks finds all of the Strong Links of a given Twitter user
  • influence finds the level of in?uence for a given Twitter use
  • wordbag finds the words most associated with a given Twitter use
  • word_stats gets basic statistics associated with a given word on Twitter
  • conversations create data frame of recent conversations between two Twitter user
  • demographics gather demographic data for a given IP address from the U.S. Census
  • ip_geo IP address geo-location
  • census gathers U.S. Census data for a given IP address
  • domain returns domain information for a given domain

If you’re looking for a bit more information about how you can monkey with this data via the API, check out our article Infochimps Query API is Bananas.