3 Tutorials to Check Out This Week

Looking for some projects to brush-up on your development skills in the coming week? Here are three interesting tutorials that might do the trick: one on sanitizing input, one on MapReduce and one on Scala.

Plus a bonus tutorial for those looking for something a little more offbeat.

Keeping Web Users Safe By Sanitizing Input Data

“Exploits of a Mom” by Randall Munroe

Smashing Magazine offers a data sanitation tutorial covering the basics, commonly overlooked sections and various contexts (such as CSS and JavaScript).

MapReduce from the basics to the actually useful (in under 30 minutes)

Cloudant provides a short tutorial on getting started with MapReduce. Also, we covered the question When Should You Use Hadoop? this week. If you want more on MapReduce, you can also check out Getting Started with Hadoop and Map Reduce.

Scala – A Scalable Language (Video Tutorial)

A few of you said you plan on learning Scala in 2011. One place to start is Scala creator Martin Odersky’s lecture on the design philosophy of the language.

Bonus: This is an older tutorial, but it popped up on Hacker News this week: How to write a simple operating system. Probably not of much use for web development, but could be a fun project.

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