Black Duck Software has released its list of the top ten new open source projects from last year: Open Source Rookies of 2010. What were the criteria? According to the company’s announcement: “Working from a list of thousands of new projects launched in 2010, Black Duck evaluated a project’s popularity using a weighted scoring system that awards points for commit activity within a project, the number of developers involved, and the number of web sites linked to the project.”

Among them are Diaspora, OpenStack and VoltDB. Do you have a favorite project? Was it listed? Let us know.

Black Duck’s selections were:

  1. Diaspora
  2. OpenStack
  3. Cloud9IDE
  4. OpenStack Nova
  5. NuGet
  6. Activiti BPM Platform
  7. SparkleShare
  8. VoltDB
  9. RapidFTR
  10. ownCloud