How do computers

Remember? By disc and RAM,

And now by “racetrack”!

Discs spin, cheap but slow;

RAM is quicker but costly;

Racetrack’s fast and cheap.

Racetrack uses spin

Momentum, sliding data

Back and forth on nanowires.

Who developed it?
IBM (old dog, new tricks).

They are on a roll.

They manipulate

Magnetic states of regions

At the speed of jets.

To seek, to find, to

Yield up a datum:

A second’s billionth part.

Spintronic currents

Shoot domain walls down the track;

Distance equals pulse.

There are no plans yet

To monetize this breakthrough,

Just imagine, though.

All movies released

In a year on your cell phone

Off one triple-A.


We welcome comments,

As long as they’re in haiku,

If longer, tanka.

Sources: Linus for Devices, IBM Research, Science, Basho