We’ve been on something of a contest kick here, so let’s continue the trend. The World Bank is sponsoring the $15,000 Apps for Development contest. The World Bank launched its Open Data Initiative in April, 2010 and it’s offering cash prizes to the developers who can make best use of the data.

The World Bank has been harshly criticized by non-governmental organizations, but this could be a good opportunity to for developers with ideas to do some good while making some money.


  • Entries can be created by groups or individuals
  • Legally established entities with fewer than 50 employees can enter
  • Larger entities can only compete for the Large Organization Recognition Award, which has no cash prize
  • Contestants retain the intellectual property for their entries
  • Applications must use at least one dataset from The World Bank
  • Contestants must be from a The World Bank member country

More information can be found on the official contest site.

The World Bank also recently sponsored the “alternate reality game”/contest EVOKE, which was lampooned here.

klint finley