CouchOne and Nodejitsu have formed a partnership to offer CouchOne’s CouchDB hosting service through the Nodejitsu platform. Nodejitsu is a node.js hosting platform running on Rackspace‘s servers. Adding CouchDB support makes a lot of sense, considering the overlapping developer interest in CouchDB and node.js. According to the announcement from the two companies, many Nodejitsu customers are already using CouchOne’s service in conjunction with Nodejitsu.

This partnership follows the announcement of two other node.js platform hosts: nodeJsCloud and Duostack. Considering the rising popularity of node.js and‘s planned acquisition of Ruby on Rails platform-as-a-service provider Heroku (which is also experimenting with node.js), competition in the node.js hosting space is likely to heat-up quickly. Hopefully, that will mean good deals for developers.

CouchOne’s move to integrate with a node.js PaaS is interesting, considering that also recently announced a hosted database service.

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