Video: What Can You Do With Enterprise 2.0 Tools Today That You Couldn’t Do A Year Ago?

Dice asked the participants at Enterprise 2.0 Santa Clara an interesting question: what can you do with enterprise 2.0 tools today that you couldn’t do a year ago? Listening to the responses, three themes surface: adoption, awareness and integration. Much of the improvement we’ve seen in the past year comes not from new tools, but a better awareness of the tools and more people actually using them. The biggest technological change in the past year seems to be more integration between various tools.

Adoption – Sure Yammer was available more than a year ago. And before that you could use enterprise IM for real-time communication, and private IRC servers even before that. But if tools aren’t being used, then there isn’t any value.

Awareness – Enterprise 2.0 is no longer a fringe idea. As Gil Yehuda points out in the video, business stakeholders are considering enterprise 2.0 solutions for real business problems without having to be sold on the idea of social media first. This is helped by more companies going vertical and/or targeting specific use cases, as Chris Yeh of PBWorks says.

Integration – From a technological standpoint, the biggest change of the year has been more interoperation between products. Ross Mayfield talked about Socialtext Connect‘s ability to connect “enterprise 1.0” solutions with enterprise 2.0 solutions. We’d add SocialCast and SimplyBox to that list.

We’ve also seen more and more vendors either integrate with each other, like Xobni and Huddle or integrate with SharePoint (many innovation management products are doing that.

What can YOU do now that you couldn’t do a year ago?

What about you? What can you do now that you couldn’t a year ago? I was surprised not to hear anything about mobile clients or iPads. And I suspect if we were to ask that question this time next year, we’ll all be talking about analytics, but it’s probably still a little too early for that.

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