Hack(s) of the Day: The HTML5 Game Jam Winners

The first HTML5 Game Jam was held last month at both Google downtown San Francisco office SPIL Games‘s Hilversum, Netherlands. Participants spent just over 24 hours creating simple games with HTML5. Today, Google announced the winners on its Code Blog.

The games are all quite simple, but demonstrate how much can already be done with HTML5. Not to mention they were all created very quickly.

The winner from San Francisco was Ninja Leap, a 2D action game.

The winner from Hilversum was Monkey Fortress, which shows off the Canvas physics engine.

You can check out all of the winners on Google’s blog post and all of the games submitted at the official Game Jam site. I found Fruit Link particularly addictive.

The official site also has a set of useful resources for HTML5 game designers, including game engines, graphics and tutorials.

Lead image by Justin Watt

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