Facebook’s domination of the Internet continues, as evidenced by numbers released today by Experian Hitwise today that find Facebook accounting for nearly 1 in 4 page views in the United States.

In March the intelligence company found that visits to Facebook had surpassed those to Google. And since then, Facebook’s growth has continued, increasing 60% from the same time last year and making up 1 in 10 website visits in the U.S. last week alone.

According to Hitwise stats, for the week ending November 13, 24.27% of page views were to Facebook, almost 4 times the volume of the site ranked number 2 – YouTube, with “only” 6.93% of all pageviews. Even YouTube plus Google’s search combined only comprise around 12% of page views.

These statistics are only based on U.S. figures and don’t include mobile traffic.