Stuck at a dead-end job? Instead of reading Dinosaur Comics all day, you could start learning programming. And with these browser based tutorials, you won’t even need to install anything. TryRuby is a browser based beginner’s tutorial for Ruby programming. No programming experience is assumed. Rails for Zombies is a series of browser based Ruby on Rails tutorials for beginners that assumes some knowledge of Ruby. If you’re looking for a quick way to get started learning either Ruby or Ruby on Rails, these may be the tutorials for you.

The first lab in Rails for Zombie

Rails for Zombies mixes a series of instructional videos with a series of “labs.” The labs blank fields that you must enter the correct code into in order to proceed.

TryRuby gives the learner a Ruby terminal to enter commands into. It suggests each command to type in, and explains what each one does. I did notice that the TryRuby app seems to fail frequently, but the “next” command will always take you to the next lesson.

Both of these projects remind me of the beginners’ tutorials on the now defunct AppJet site.