To help combat what is quickly become a muddled mess of share buttons, Mozilla has rolled out a new service called F1. The browser extension adds a button to the Firefox toolbar, so that sharing Web pages to Twitter, Facebook or email is much simpler.

Currently the add-on only supports those three services. Mozilla says it picked those because of their popularity, their API support and their use of OAUth. Other services, such as Yahoo’s email, required a CAPTCHA authentication prior to sharing, something that defeated the purpose of a single-click share button.

There are other options, such as AddThis, that already work to tidy up the mess of share buttons. But in announcing the new feature today, Mozilla says that “the system should know which sharing service you use, and offer to use those.” While that’s something that’ll require further standardization of sharing protocols, arguably no one knows our Web sharing habits better than our browsers.

The code for F1 is open source, and you’re free to fork it or request changes.

Mozilla Labs F1