Twitter app directory OneForty is experimenting with a new dashboard view that displays the new Twitter apps your friends have begun using in a newsfeed format. You can access the dashboard via this link. It’s a fun way to discover new tools and see which ones are becoming popular among people you know.

OneForty founder Laura Fitton says the feature watches the public feeds of OneForty users you’re friends with on Twitter to see when they publish with a new app and combines that passive data with user reviews submitted to the OneForty website.

Fitton says her startup is experimenting with different dashboard displays now, using A/B testing service Performable, and will settle on some summary views in addition to the raw newsfeed view. Site visitors in general have spent more than 6X as much Time on Site when first presented with the dashboard, compared to the site’s existing landing page, Fitton says.

OneForty launched in September of 2009 to help users deal with the proliferation of Twitter tools and to help tool developers find audiences and feedback. We wrote about the newsfeed becoming the dominant online info metaphor of our time in October, 2008. If it’s being surpassed today it’s by the App Store, which ironically is the kind of metaphor that OneForty employs at the core of its service.

marshall kirkpatrick