General Motor’s Volt – the company’s new electric car – has 100 electronic controllers, its own IP address and Volt owners get access to a set of mobile apps that give them access to information about their car. Very few people will get to drive a Volt this year, but thanks to a new set of mobile apps, owners of 2011 Chevrolet and Cadillac models (Buick and GMC apps are coming in November) will now get access to a similar set of OnStar-powered mobile apps that can provide diagnostic information about the car, combined with a number of location-based services.

The app – which is available for iPhone and Android – allows owners to perform standard key fob functions like remote starts or locking and unlocking the car from wherever they are. The apps also give users the ability to check their fuel tank level, remaining oil live, tire pressure and information about historical and current fuel economy. The car uploads this information to GM’s servers with every start.

Besides giving users access to an electronic version of their user manual, the apps also feature some location-based services, including the ability to tag your parking spot with GPS coordinates and a photo or note. The apps also include a timer for tracking how much time you have left on the parking meter.