Google has released version 1.3.8 of its App Engine SDK for Java and Python developers.

This version adds features that improve monitoring, performance, and maintenance tasks.

Instances in the Admin Console

The release includes a new page in the Admin Console that allows you to view information about all server instances currently in use by your app, including info about Average QPS, latency, and memory. This feature requires no configuration.

Task Queue Improvements

Maximum bucket size that you can specify during task queue configuration is up from 50 to 100. And there’s a new “Run Now” button in the task queue as well.

Delete All (or Part) of Your App’s Data

Calling this an “experimental addition” to the admin console, there’s a new simple UI for “delete all entities” – or all entities of a given kind – in your datastore. You can enable this functionality in your app.yaml file with:

– datastore_admin: on

With this, you’ll be able to see all the entity types in your Admin Console that you can delete.

But two caveats: first, this is only available by default for Python (although Java will come in a future release, says Google). And these deletes will use resources that count towards your daily budget.

Python Pre-compilation On By Default

Google announced a python pre-compilation feature in 1.3.5 of the SDK and it’s now turned on for all new python app uploads. You can disable this by adding the flag –no-precompilation on command line when uploading your app.

There are some additional bug fixes in this SDK. The full release notes are available in Python and Java.