If you’ve ever sat around in a room of geeks with smartphones watching television, then you know how big a part Twitter can play in that activity. Whether it’s trash talking the Sunday game or gasping about plot twists, Twitter is the virtual watercooler of the TV geek set.

Today, Twitter just upped the ante with the announcement of Twitter for Google TV.

Google TV is the Google-powered, Internet-enabled television “platform that combines your current TV programming and the open web into a single, seamless entertainment experience”. Introduced last May, the platform is set to be released this week, with Google announcing a slew of partnerships, from Napster to USA Today to Twitter.

According to Twitter, “this is just the beginning of what could be possible at the intersection of Twitter and television.”

For now, it sounds like Twitter will do all of the standard things we expect of Twitter, but won’t yet take advantage of the functionality possible with an app that knows what we’re watching when. We expect in the near future to see a Twitter TV app that can integrate what we’re watching directly into what we tweet, what tweets we read and how we check-in to services like Miso.