As a developer, you probably understand the need to fix bugs and the joy that comes with that commit. You know the one. The commit that says “did it in a minute”. Why not have a little fun when you commit? When there’s a team, the fun keeps everyone from being “out of touch”.

Let’s take a look at how the Hunch software engineers keep “one on one” fun.

Well, well, you…

Benjamin Gleitzman from Hunch’s software engineering team has shared how Hunch takes svn commit to a whole new level of awesome. As a side note, Hunch developers have great taste in music. RWH wholeheartedly approves of the H2O.

Hunch and Oates

Here’s the Python script for a Mac OS X environment used by Hunch placed in a gist for easy reading:

What’s your favorite example of a commit, build, burn down, or other feedback mechanism in a software development environment?

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