The New York tech scene is hot right now. Business Insider argued last week that “if your startup can’t get money in New York right now, there’s something wrong with it.” And just as investors are ready to inject cash into local startups, a group of local startups are looking to inject some more hackers into the scene.

Their plan: Adopt a Hacker.

Adopt a Hacker is a not-for-profit organization that hopes to bring hackers from outside the metropolitan New York area into the city. Hacker Hosts open their homes to visitors, giving them a place to crash for a few days. But it’s more than just a way to save money while checking out New York City. By staying with someone connected to the startup community, it’s a great way to get an introduction into it.

The program is free and is the idea of Jonathan Wegener, Ben Fisher, Aaron Knight, Michael DeFranco, Nick Khuu, Heather John, and Ariel Zavala.

Adopt a Hacker simply offers a way to match hackers to hosts. The application asks that you demonstrate not just the “cool products you’ve built,” but “your interest in the NYC tech community.” “Impress us enough,” organizers say, “and you might be surprised who reaches out.”

If the program proves to be a success, it wouldn’t be surprising to see other communities extend a similar invitation, opening up their couches to hackers.

Photo credits: Flickr user Francisco Diaz

audrey watters