Have you ever pored over Web analytics reports and wished you could see what users did on your site in more detail? Metrics like average page views per visit and bounce rate can be informative, but sometimes those numbers don’t offer enough detail to be actionable.

A startup that launched last month called MouseTrace aims to end that ambiguity by giving site owners the ability to watch what visitors do on their site, including those on smartphones.

MouseTrace, which joins ClickTale and Crazy Egg in this space, actually records a video of each user’s visit, which can then be played back and analyzed. This enables business owners to get a better understanding of what their users do on their sites, and in turn, how they can improve their sites to ensure better sales and conversion rates.

Thanks to a recently-released extension for Google Chrome, MouseTrace customers can now view their data and visitor recordings within Web analytics platforms like Google Analytics, StatCounter, ChartBeat and Clicky. The company says that plugins for Firefox and Safari are currently being developed.

Like most Web analytics products, MouseTrace is implemented by pasting a short snippet of JavaScript into the header of your Website.

The product, which has a freemium pricing model, is available at discounted rates to coincide with its recent launch. To record more than 50 visitors, site owners will need to purchase one of the three paid plans, ranging from $14.95 (for 100 recordings on 1 site) to $59.95 (for 500 recordings on up to 20 sites).

john paul titlow