The Internet of Things took a step closer to mainstream adoption today with the announcement of Pachube‘s first enterprise offering. Pachube (pronounced “patch bay”) shares real-time sensor data and enables users to analyze data or trigger actions in a variety of ways through its SaaS. For example, temperature sensors could trigger an alarm if a temperature gets too high or low in your server room. See our coverage of Pachube’s applications for more use cases.

Pachube Professional will give enterprises a choice of packages with varying datastreams, higher API rates, and more. Pachube also offers a free product with only five datastrems, 10 API calls per minute and a month’s worth of history – but all the data is made public. The paid packages not only scale-up access to Pachube’s services, but also add privacy options.

According to Cisco: “In just a few years, every door lock, card reader, video camera, vehicle, power meter, and light switch will have an IP address.” In the meantime, Pachube and other IoT platforms have been mostly experimental developer tools, though some companies such as Current Cost have already been using Pachube in production. Pachube Professional brings these tools out of the lab and into the real world.