InDinero Adds Automated Financial Forecasts for Businesses

InDinero wants to help you predict the future of your business.

When we covered the launch of the Y Combinator-funded business finance app in early July, co-founder Jessica Mah told us that automated financial forecasts were in the pipeline, and the startup recently delivered that promised feature.

For those unfamiliar with it, InDinero is essentially for small businesses. It’s a real-time financial dashboard that hooks into a company’s bank accounts and displays key business metrics like cash balance, income, spending and profit. Users can view trends over time with simple, colorful charts, and enables users to analyze and categorize bank transactions.

The site’s newest feature works by analyzing past spending data to forecast the company’s financial growth over time.

“This is particularly interesting because all business owners forecast,” says InDinero CEO Jessica Mah. “The problem is that they try to do it in their heads or with an Excel spreadsheet.”

Mah says she has seen other entrepreneurs build out complex forecasting spreadsheets that are tedious to keep up-to-date, and hopes to solve that problem by automating the process on InDinero.

Other features in the works at InDinero include an iPhone application and integration with FreshBooks.

Any ReadWriteWeb readers interested in trying out the new forecasting feature can send an email to with readwriteweb in the subject line.

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