Clicker, the company that wants to become the TV Guide for the Internet, just launched its first iPhone app. The new app is a companion piece to Clicker’s web service and aims to make it easier for users to quickly find iPhone-compatible videos on the Web. In addition to indexing these iPhone-friendly videos, Clicker’s iPhone app also offers a number of social networking features, including the ability to  check in when you are watching a show.

A TV Guide for iPhone Video

Due to the absence of support for Flash on the iPhone, only a relatively limited selection of the videos in Clicker’s regular video guide are available on the iPhone. Earlier today, Clicker’s CEO Jim Lanzone told us that about 26% of all the shows and 35% of all the episodes in Clicker’s index are currently iPhone compatible (counting both shows on iTunes and free content). In total, Clicker currently indexes about 14,000 iPhone-compatible shows and 270,000 episodes. Lanzone also noted that given that Clicker also indexes iTunes’ database of paid TV show downloads, it might just be a better way to find downloadable iPhone content than Apple’s own iTunes app.

Clicker for iPhone is not just an easy way to find iPhone-compatible video content, however. The app also focuses on providing background information about shows and gives users easy access to the social features of the service (check-ins, activity streams from your friends, etc.). The app can also function as a kind of ‘meta-DVR,’ as it allows you to add shows to your playlist on Clicker (including videos that are not compatible with the iPhone).

Clicker plans to launch an iPad app in October.

Clicker for iPhone: Available Now from Clicker on Vimeo.