A Location-based Marriage Proposal

Two location-based social network geeks are getting married after one proposed to the other via a “tip” on the service Foursquare. Web designer “Geoff G” proposed to his girlfriend Rhea on Saturday when she used her phone to check in on the last remaining steamboat traversing the Mississipi River through New Orleans. It was a mix of the old and new, pretty romantic as such things go.

Since the two were connected on the service, the tip “RHEA: Will you marry me?” popped up on Rhea’s phone when she checked in on the boat. Rhea accepted the proposal. Both also received the “I’m on a boat” badge on Foursquare for checking in on a boat.

The story of how the tip was added is an interesting one; Geoff (no last name easily found online, how’s that for social network use plus privacy?) had to do some fancy technical footwork to time the proposal just right. We discovered the story via an unofficial news outlet tracking this hot new startup and sector, AboutFoursquare.

The incorporation of tips from trusted parties into your experience of various locations represents a big part of Foursquare’s promise. It’s hard to imagine a more trusted party than a man who knows a woman would appreciate a proposal to spend the rest of her life with him being delivered over Foursquare.

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