In December of 2009 mobile device management vendor Good Technology began supporting iPhones and Android devices. Since then the companies says 1,500 enterprises have deployed iPhones and Android devices using Good for Enterprise, around 43% of Good’s overall deployments. Good has described the monthly growth of both platforms as “meteoric.” For instance, the iPhone 4 was the fourth most popular phone among Good users by the end of June – and it didn’t even come out until June 24. By the end of July it was Good’s most popular device.

Employee owned devices are driving the majority of the growth. More and more employees are bringing personal smart phones to work and asking IT to support them.

According Dimitri Volkmann, Good’s VP of Product Management, the company isn’t seeing many companies dropping support for BlackBerrys or Windows Mobile phones, but it is seeing a lot more companies supporting multiple devices. Nearly 1/5 of its enterprise customers are now supporting at least three platforms.

Of course, supporting multiple platforms is Good’s core business – BlackBerry-only shops won’t be seeking out Good’s products. But Good’s customers represent many industries – including healthcare, retail, financial and government – so it gives us an interesting glimpse of some of the changes in going on in the enterprise. As we’ve mentioned before, Intel (a Good customer) now supports more user owned devices (mostly iPhones) than company owned BlackBerrys.

Good provided us a top ten list of devices activated with Good Enterprise in July:

1. Apple iPhone 4

2. Apple iPhone 3GS

3. Apple iPhone 3G

4. Motorola Droid

5. Apple iPad

6. Motorola Droid X

7. HTC Droid Incredible

8. HTC Evo 4G

9. HTC Cedar

10. Samsung I637

Update: To clarify, this list only includes devices Good supports. No BlackBerry device ranked because Good does not support BlackBerry.

Good for Enterprise enables IT managers to manage multiple mobile platforms from a single system. It provides enterprise-level security and compliance for iOS, Android, WebOS and other platforms.

Good was founded in 1996. Motorola bought the company in 2006 and then sold it to Visto in 2009. Visto promptly changed its name to Good after the acquisition, effectively merging the two companies. Good claims forty of the Forture 100 are Good customers. Other Good clients include DARPA, Geico and Starbucks.