We posted yesterday about the price war that’s currently raging between Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Sony, makers of some of the top-selling e-readers in the U.S.

Today a public relations representative sent us a statement on behalf of Sony that suggests the company may be pulling out of the race to the bottom.

“Pricing is one consideration in the dedicated reading device marketplace, but Sony won’t sacrifice the quality and design we’re bringing book lovers to lay claim to the cheapest eReader,” said Phil Lubell, VP of digital reading at Sony Electronics. “Our global customers expect to get the best digital book reading experience and we’re concentrated on delivering that by investing in Sony’s award-winning design and original digital reading enhancements, such as eBook library borrowing and the only full touch screen on the market.”

Image from Sony’s e-book website

Amazon announced the Kindle Wi-Fi, which has a 6″ display, will retail for $139 in August, making it the cheapest e-reader yet. The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that a lesser-known manufacturer is coming out with a 5″ screen e-reader for $99 later this year. Sony’s least-expensive e-reader, the 5″ screen Sony Reader Pocket Edition, was $149.99 at the time of this post.

So does this mean Sony won’t lower the price of the Sony Reader anytime soon? It would seem so, but the company isn’t ready to box itself in.

“Nothing to announce at this time regarding a price move,” said Leanne Drown of Racepoint Group, which represents Sony. “The quote reflects broader thinking around strategy moving forward.”