Bump, the innovative mobile app that lets you exchange contact information by bumping your phone together with someone else’s, just announced the availability of version 2.0 in the iTunes app store. The app is newly redesigned and has added some features that are simply awesome.

The app uses your phone’s location and accelerometer features to send a signal to the Bump server whenever the app is running and your phone shakes. If Bump detects that two users have their phones jostled in the same place, at the same time, the service presumes those two people want to exchange contact info. It’s a great little system, and with the new version users can do even more.

Users can now connect on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. They can even opt to see who they have connections in common with on those social networks. They can send photos from their phone’s photo albums to each other – how cool is that? The company says you can share calendar events between bumpers, too, but I haven’t figured out how to turn that on yet myself.

Bump has already proven itself the easiest way to replace business cards – and actually save peoples’ info – between smartphone users. Now it’s even more powerful. The company opened its mobile data sharing API to the world in February, but there’s something to be said for advanced features right inside one single app.

Bump 2.0 is an upgrade to the existing app, or can be downloaded via iTunes at this link. Bump 2.0 for Android will be released later this Summer, the company says.