Before now, PostRank, the popular social media analytics service, had to manually crawl all Google Buzz accounts and subscribe to the public feeds it found separately prior to meshing that information with the rest of its data. It was unlikely that all the public feeds made it into PostRank and the process “imposed a high server tax for both sides.”

Now, however, with the Google Buzz firehose, PostRank subscribes to one real-time PubSubHubbub feed of all publicly-available Google info. PostRank’s users, the company says, will notice a big difference in the amount and depth of Buzz content.

PostRank’s Ilya Grigorik explains.

“If you’re an Analytics subscriber, then you will see greatly improved coverage of Google Buzz starting today: more users, more meta-data, and a more complete activity stream on your dashboard. And if you’re a user of our Data Services, RSS feeds, or API’s, then you will also undoubtedly benefit from the improved coverage of Buzz activity: more accurate engagement scores, and more accurate PostRank scores.”

PostRank measures the level of public engagement with online content. It determines how interesting and relevant a piece of content (blog post, article, vides, etc.) is “by analyzing the types and frequency of an audience’s interaction” it. So the ability to completely represent a popular service like Buzz is integral to maintaining PostRank’s efficacy.

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