The mission of TED (Technology Education Design) is to promote “ideas worth spreading.” And as such, there is plenty of material that entrepreneurs – folks definitely interested in spreading their ideas – can find inspiring in the recordings available on TED’s website.

We’ve gone through the archives and hand-picked some of our favorite TED talks for startups. Granted, it’s hard to select just ten to feature here out of the 700-some-odd videos available. So if your favorite isn’t listed, be sure to leave us a comment.

1. Inspire Others to Action with Leadership

2. Embrace the Irrational and the Childish

3. Rethink Copyright

4. Question Motivations

5. Look for Simple Answers

6. Be Bizarre, Not Boring

7. Give Your Customers a Choice

8. Pay Attention to Innovative Usage

9. Collaborate

10. Do What Makes You Happy

audrey watters