The post-relational document database CouchDB reached its milestone 1.0 release today. Couchio, the corporate sponsor of the free open-source project, boasts that speeds in the new release are up 300% over version 0.11.0.

In addition to the speed increase, Couchio cites the following new features:

  • Microsoft Windows support
  • Authentication system – write CouchApps without having to create a user model
  • Replicator options – flexibility to use replication to build custom systems

The authentication system, which will make development easier, is probably the most significant of these features.

We covered the NoSQL last year in our article Is the Relational Database Doomed? Certain web applications, such as web based instant messaging, have scalability needs that push the limits of existing SQL solutions, so NoSQL solutions like CouchDB have emerged. CouchDB has powered the web based IM client Meebo since 2008, according to Couchio. According to software architect Enda Farrell, the BBC is building a content management system using CouchDB.

Another advantage to using CouchDB is offline access. CouchDB is designed for disconnected use, meaning it could be used to make web apps usable offline and have them sync with a database server while online. Some web developers are calling for support for CouchDB in the HTML5, which has support for offline storage and SQL already. Others are already building portable “CouchApps” using CouchDB and HTML5.

CouchDB’s SQL based competitors include VoltDB (covered here) for scalability and SQL Lite for offline use.

Other notable NoSQL projects include Cassandra and MongoDB.

klint finley