ReadWriteWeb Real-Time Web Summit

is just about here! It will take place on June 11 at the

Metropolitan Pavilion

in New York City. For the next 24 hours

get 40% off the full ticket price


If you’re short on cash, don’t fret as we’re giving discounts to independents and students. Email us at to take advantage of the discount.

What’s So Special About the Summit?

What if Chris Dixon and John Borthwick were sitting at the same table as you, ready to have a real conversation about what’s next for the real-time Web? Would you like to sit across from Marshall Kirkpatrick and Richard MacManus and have a straight-shooting conversation about real-time online media? If so, then the ReadWriteWeb Real-Time Web Summit is for you. And thanks to its unconference format, the day will be like participating in a think tank – you and a group of tech luminaries collaborating on the future of the Web.

That’s the nature of ReadWriteWeb summits – straight talking, collegial settings where individuals who are striving to move an industry forward, sit down and create the future. Everyone learns. Everyone advances. You leave feeling energized and full of “next’.

Who Will be There?

Marshall Kirkpatrick wrote about some of the amazing attendees that you will get to meet and discuss issues with face-to-face.

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