AdMob, the mobile advertising platform that was acquired by Google, just launched a new software development kit (SDK) for the iPad that will make it easier for developers to integrate AdMob/Google ads into their iPad apps. This is an extension of AdMob’s unified iPhone OS SDK. Currently, the iPad SDK supports text & tile, as well as image ads, but AdMob also highlighted that it will soon support HTML5 and allow developers to create more interactive ads.

Interactive HTML5 Ads Coming Soon

The iPad SDK was already available as a beta for the last few months, but now that Google has officially acquired AdMob, the competition between the two companies has brought AdMob – which is already the largest ad network on the iPhone – into the middle of this rivalry. With iAds, Apple is trying to enter the market for interactive in-app ads written in HTML5 (instead of Flash), but Google is obviously not going to just stand by and wait for Apple to corner this lucrative advertising market.

For now, AdMob is only showing a “sneak peek” of the “creative potential of iPad ads using HTML5,” but we wouldn’t be surprised if AdMob/Google unveiled a beta of this solution by the time the iPhone 4 OS arrives later this summer.