Microsoft to Release Natal in October, or Is It?

Microsoft’s Saudi Arabia marketing manager, Syed Bilal Tari, said on Gamertag Radio that the motion-capture camera and gaming controller Natal will be released in October.

“Definitely it is going to be October 2010,” he said about the highly-anticipated camera that will capture gamers’ motions for the Xbox 360, allowing them to play without controllers. The only problem? He’s not a Microsoft employee.

A Microsoft represenative told the gaming blog Gamasutra that Tariq was not employed directly by the company.

“A Microsoft rep told G4 that the purported marketing manager isn’t actually directly employed by Microsoft, although the company did not deny the rumored October launch window. “Syed Bilal Tariq is not a [Microsoft] employee. He is a vendor employed through a third-party company on behalf of the Microsoft subsidiary in Saudi Arabia,” said a Microsoft rep.]”

Microsoft is reportedly planning an official announcement during the E3 gaming convention in June, where its consumer name will also be announced.

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