Despite the now-infamous absence of Adobe’s Flash, video aggregator MeFeedia says that video on the iPad is a flourishing and growing trend according to the data the company has collected over the past three weeks.

The company offers a few stats and postulates that, among other reasons, the “lack of distractions mean people watch more video, for longer.”

MeFeedia added HTML5 video support earlier this month – one of several alternatives available for video on the iPad – and says that its internal numbers show the iPad to clearly be a media consumption device, more so than other users.

The company offers the following observations on its blog, noting that the “iPad was only launched a few weeks ago & this sample is for MeFeedia and MeFeedia Network only.”

  • iPad is now the 5th most popular mobile device*
    *In terms of unique users, trailing only iPhone, iPod Touch, SymbianOS, and Android (in that order)
  • iPad users consume 3X as many videos as web users (up from the 2.5X number that we first reported a few weeks ago)
  • iPad users spend 4X as long watching videos as web users (up from 3X)
  • iPad users consume 5X as many videos as iPhone users (up from 3X)

We think that the lack of multitasking as a reason for people to watch more video, longer, is likely a fair point. And, as we’ve previously argued, the iPad makes a great media consumption (rather than creation) device.