As iPhone and Android users, it’s easy to forget that Facebook hasn’t been fully optimized for all touchscreen phones. Many of us sit here from the comfort of our sleek mobile applications, never knowing the drudgery that Palm owners have to face as they type in URLs to open their favorite services. Well Palm owners, you’re in luck. As of today, Facebook has redesigned its mobile site for touch devices ( and and launched a new domain name at

According to AllFacebook, the company is looking to offer a consistent user experience across all devices, regardless of how Facebook is accessed. While this is a stopgap measure until Facebook applications are built for emerging touchscreen phones, the new site is a much better interface than the standard mobile iteration. In the past, mobile site users tolerated one long stream of notifications, messages, friend requests and invitations. For a power Facebook user, the single stream display was easily overwhelming. By improving upon the mobile experience, the company is removing the barrier to photo uploads, notes and status messages for these users.

In January, 20 million people were accessing Facebook on their mobile phones. By September, that number had more than tripled to a whopping 65 million mobile users. As the company continues to upgrade the mobile user experience, the rate of content generation appears poised for unlimited growth. To test the redesigned mobile site visit

dana oshiro