Yubby Pulls Thirty Video Sites Into One Widget

If you’ve ever created your own podcasts or home videos then you’ve probably got content sprinkled across YouTube, Vimeo and Blip.tv. As better video services arise, there’s always that familiar debate: do you take the time to migrate your archives to a new service or do you embed multiple files into your site? Dutch video site Yubby creates a seamless solution for video display across 3rd party services. Rather than forcing users to embed multiple videos or links, the company lets users drag and drop videos from a variety of sites into a single embeddable player widget.

While Yubby only really launched in the Netherlands in January, co-founders Vincent Everts, Remco Bron and Ronald van Woensel have been working together for more than 4 years. In 2005, the three were working on a Boxee-style web television software solution. After struggling with federal product requirements and deals with device manufacturers, the group took the best parts what was expected to be a set top box software and transformed it into a web-widget platform. While they remain in the entertainment content space, Yubby launches in the US as a great solution for video publishers, bloggers and artists.

The company’s American debut is timed with this year’s Blog World Expo. Those familiar with the Blog World Expo site have unknowingly seen Yubby in action. The widgets are already attached to homepage content featuring more than 65 tech and social media powerhouses like Guy Kawasaki, Kara Swisher and Chris Brogan. The company lets users search video from the top 30 uploading services, create specialized channels and republish these channels to the page, sidebar or social media profile of their choice. While the widgets can be placed anywhere you can embed code, the company has already built WordPress integration for even faster video publishing. The product is currently free to general users and offers a premium service where publishers can integrate the site directly into their content management systems. To test Yubby visit Yubby.

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