If Twitter really does reach the far recesses of the earth, then doesn’t it make sense for us to harness that diversity of opinions? We’ve seen the effects of Twitter on emergency aid, nonprofit fundraising and political outreach. However, if we just want to crowdsource a simple question like “Which of these 3 movies should I see?” or “Which of these is your favorite blogging platform?” a simple poll would suffice. Below is a list of 6 services you can use to get the answers you need from your Twitter friends and followers:

1. MightyQuiz: MightyQuiz offers users a chance to create questions and share those questions via Twitter, Facebook and a number of other services. One of the unique aspects of this tool is the fact that users earn points both by creating questions and giving correct answers.

2. Strawpoll: Strawpoll offers users the opportunity to create 140 character polls in Twitter itself. Rather than redirecting users off the site to give their answers, the tool allows Twitter followers to choose from one of two responses directly in their Twitter dashboard. Users only have to visit Strawpoll if they want to see the final tally.

3. TwtPoll: TwtPoll is just one of a number of products created by TwtApps. Some of the others include Twtcards and Twtvite. This service allows users to create more than 17 different types of polls and syncs with Facebook, Twitter and Friendfeed. Rather than polling within the tool, response participants are redirected to Twtpoll via a short URL.

4. Poll Daddy: While you probably know that Poll Daddy already allows users to create polls in WordPress, you may not have known that it also offers a Twitter service. This service allows question publishers to add as many multiple choice answers as they want. From here a user’s poll is sent out via a link to their Twitter account.

5. SocialToo’s SocialSurvey: This service lets users create polls for a number of services including Facebook and Twitter. Similar to Poll Daddy’s tool, the service creates simple multiple choice questions. Upon answering questions, users see results on the SocialToo site in neat bar graph format.

6. TweetBrain: And last but not least, this service allows users to answer basic open-ended questions via Twitter. In order to provide incentive for answers, users can choose to attach rewards to their questions. The person who best answers the question receives a cash bonus.

We know we’re just skimming the surface. If you’ve got your favorite Twitter polling resources, let us know in the comments below.

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