On top of the 3.0 release of their time management software, Slife Labs now integrates with the financial services of FreshBooks.

Alone, Slife was a fantastic tool for personal and enterprise productivity. By integrating smoothly with a Web-based application for invoicing, its value proposition is increased tenfold.

Slife 3.0

Slife is an open source software application that runs in the background to effortlessly and keep track of the way you use the Web, desktop applications, work with documents, etc. You can then check your account on the Slife site to view some pretty awesome insights in to how you’re spending you’re time.

In late March, the company launched Slife 3.0, which made the product the slim client it is now, backed by a a more in-depth Web interface.

Third-party services = win


few days after

the 3.0 release, Slife built their very first integration with a third party service: Freshbooks. Using the Freshbooks API (you’re required to provide your URL and authentication token), you can now export your Slife data to the project of your choice in your Freshbooks account.

In other words, Slife’s automatic time tracking can now be translated in to an invoice with a single click, which for our money beats just about any of the time tracking and invoicing software we’ve seen, almost all of which require you to manually turn on and off when you’re working on a particular project.

Slife Web & Freshbooks Integration from Slife Labs on Vimeo.

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