Embedded chat for real-time communication has been a core part of Meebo‘s offering for a while. Their latest release of new features focuses on integrating social platforms to allow for cross-network sharing of content.

“SEO has been a great way for web sites to acquire new users, and will continue to be,” said CEO Seth Sternberg in am email last night. “At the same time, site owners are looking for the next great way to attract additional users. i think that ‘social graph optimization’ can be the next SEO – making it really easy for your users to share content from your site to their friends, be they on social networks, IM networks, in email, etc.”

The company’s last release in October 2008 allowed for embedded chat on third-party social sites. With the new release, site users can now access their friends from Facebook, MySpace, AIM, Gmail, and other IM services as well as their friends on the Meebo-supported social network in question. Here are a couple a quick screen shots:

Even cooler is the sharing option in the Meebo bar across the lower part of the screen. This feature enables users to share links via any IM service connected to their Meebo account as well as via Twitter, Facebook, and email. The feature reminds us a lot of Gmail Labs’ addition of Google Search to email and chat.

This is what happens when the “Share” button in the Meebo bar is clicked:

Interested parties can get a closer look at features and functionality in this demo video:

Sites adopting the new tech from Meebo are expected to see significant spikes in user engagement. Partner sites announced today include Aeria Games, BakeSpace, Chictini, Fragegg, GamerNook, JamLegend, PlayedOnline, and SparkPeople.

jolie odell