Earlier this week, large-scale data warehousing and analytics specialist Greenplum announced their move in to cloud services with an Enterprise Data Cloud Initiative.

Picked up by ReadWriteWeb from enterprise IT guru Dana Gardner, the initiative will take Greenplum in to new territory, even if its strategy, based on the notion of “self-service” provisioning, remains the same. Self-service provisioning entails that database administrators can provision new data warehouses and data marts at-will, through a web-based front end in the case of Greenplum.

The Enterprise Initiative is the front for a general upgrade to the new 3.3 version of the Greenplum Database software. Greenplum’s platform is already fairly impressive: working at the petabyte level, it focuses on massive parallel processing and rapid scaling.

A large part of this scaling comes from its focus on self-service data marts, rather than what Greenplum characterizes as a traditional model of enterprise warehousing, where all the eggs get put in one basket by incorporating data from multiple sources in to a single store. Large players already buying in to the new Greenplum offering include Fox Interactive Media and Zions Bancorporation.