See Wolfram Alpha in Action: Our Screenshots

Last weekend, we attended a web demo of Wolfram Alpha, a new “computational knowledge engine” based on the work of Stephen Wolfram. Some have dubbed Alpha a “Google killer,” but, in reality, it is very different from the standard search engines that we are all familiar with today.

When we got the demo, Wolfram asked us to refrain from publishing any screenshots. Today, however, the Berkman Center posted a video of the public demo Wolfram gave earlier this week, so we think it’s only fair that we share our own screenshots with our readers at this point.


Query #1: internet users in Europe

Query #2: weather oakland

Query #3: oakland

Query #4: uncle’s uncle’s brother’s son

Query #5: water 550C 3 atm

Query #6: integrate x^3 sin^2 x dx

Query #7: bob

Example of a copy and paste dialog:

Embedding Search Results:

Here is the video of the public demo at the Berkman Center. It is a bit blurry, but it does show Wolfram Alpha in action:

And if you really want a look behind the scenes, here is a look behind the scenes of the Wolfram Alpha datacenter:

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