ReadWriteWeb has been running a special series on recommendation engines and this episode of RWW Live is part of that. The show features 3 exciting and very knowledgeable guests: Jesús Pindado, Strands Vice President, Business Solutions; Yosi Glick, Jinni CEO & Co-Founder; and David Selinger, richrelevance CEO & Co-Founder, who previously led the R&D arm of Amazon’s Data Mining and Personalization team. This promises to be a fascinating discussion, so we hope you tune into the show LIVE at 3.30pm PST Monday (6.30pm EST) on Calliflower or Facebook. You can also ask questions during the podcast, using the chat function.

As usual RWW Live will be hosted by Sean Ammirati (who for full disclosure is also Co-Founder & CEO of mSpoke, a startup offering a recommendation engine for content publishers). Also joining the call will be ReadWriteWeb’s Richard MacManus and Bernard Lunn.

Some of the topics we expect to discuss in the show:

  • Measuring effectiveness of recommendation systems
  • Draw backs / problems (referring to our recent post 5 Problems of Recommender Systems)
  • Opportunities our guests see for innovation in the space

We welcome your suggestions for discussion points, either in the comments here or by tuning in LIVE to the show – via Calliflower or Facebook – and participating in the chat room.

UPDATE: the audio is available now.

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