SeeqPod Aims to Beat iPod With Windows Mobile App

MP3 search engine SeeqPod will take a bold step tomorrow and release a Windows Mobile app that will allow users to search for and stream music on their phones. The app will sell for an introductory price of $10 and will include playable music search, discovery, Wikipedia articles about artists and updating collections of playlists.

The company says “Any Windows Mobile device is now essentially an iPod, but streaming.” That’s putting it lightly; if this app works well then any Windows Mobile Device becomes an iPod with all the free music posted around the web on it.

We’ve seen how popular Pandora is on the iPhone – but SeeqPod lets listeners call up specific songs and artists, not just to roll the dice with “channels like.”

It’s a bold move from one of the most innovative companies in online music. The SeeqPod API is already one of the most popular for 3rd parties to integrate streaming music into other apps and the company seems to launch something unexpected every month. This has got to take the cake, though.

The app will include links to purchase songs, a fully skinnable player and it will be Bluetooth capable for streaming to car stereos and home audio systems. There will be affiliate sales opportunities as well.

SeeqPod has faced some substantial legal pressure from record labels that don’t like the way it unearths MP3s around the web, many presumably posted illicitly. Selling a mobile app strikes us as incredibly gutsy.

Full details can be found at this page and requests for early access can be made via this link.

We hope to get our hands on the app later today so we can give the UI a look. A public announcement and availability is expected tomorrow. We love using SeeqPod and we’re very interested in this mobile app.

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