Cartoon: The Perils of The EULA

Sarah Perez’s post on Friday had my number: I’m one of those people who click right past the user agreement whenever I install software or sign up for a new web app, without even a passing glance at what rights I’m surrendering. I’m pretty sure Mark Zuckerberg is allowed to claim one of my kidneys on demand.

Part of the problem is that EULAs have only two options: Accept or Cancel, also known as take it or leave it.

If you could at least make some kind of counter-offer, or agree to some conditions in return for access to certain functions but not others, maybe there’d be more of a point. As it is, life’s too damn short.

That said, I woke up this morning feeling kind of woozy, and there’s this unexplained eight-inch scar on the side of my torso…

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Top image: kandinski

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