Balsamiq, an application mockup creation tool built on Adobe AIR, has generated more than $10,000 in revenue less than 6 weeks after the $79 tool launched. The one-man company was profitable within 3 weeks after launch and the application itself is quite remarkable.

It’s a great story of a creative entrepreneur using new technology to address a key market need and finding a healthy number of customers willing to pay for software. Balsamiq lets users drag and drop a library of common design elements around a work space, then export their final product in PNG or into a Confluence wiki. It seems like something that could cut design work headaches down substantially. Demo video below.

How many developers would love to see this kind of success for their projects? From the company blog leading up to launch to the remarkable transparency about company finances right out of the gate – Balsamiq is shaping up to be a very fun company to watch. All this success so far has come without a single write up on any of the top tech blogs, with the exception of an interesting interview with Balsamiq’s founder on WebWorkerDaily.

Check out the demo video below and drop by the website for a fast free trial of the software, too. You’ll probably be ready to drop $79 on it as well.

Balsamiq aims to offer a variety of “web office plug-ins” and we look forward to seeing what the company comes up with next.