The ReadWriteWeb 12 Second Challenge

Earlier today Corvida set a difficult challenge for RWW readers, based on a new service called The challenge is to say “ReadWriteWeb” 5 times really fast in 12 seconds or less. Now, it’s well known that the name ‘ReadWriteWeb’ is a tongue twister – even I have trouble pronouncing it at times, and I created the name! Check out some of the entrants so far, very funny…

Corvida herself was one of the first to give it a try:

“ReadWriteWeb” 5x’s Really Fast on

MacTyler almost gets there, so close! At the end he slaps himself in the face (that’s what the screenshot above is). This was his second attempt, his first is here.

Read Write Web Challenge 2 on

A bearded reader called beach makes a hash of it.

read write web challenge (5x fast) on

To add your entry, you can either click here for an invite to or use Seesmic. We have 500 invites for RWW readers to Unfortunately though, the way the private beta invites are being given out isn’t ideal. You have to fill in a brief survey and the invites are emailed out to you. But I did that and I haven’t gotten mine yet! So if you’d like to participate and you don’t get your invite soon, head over to Seesmic and upload your video there.

Whichever method you use, add the link in the comments below and we’ll post the best ones!

Here’s mine, via Seesmic:

Even after all these years of practice at saying ReadWriteWeb… but it was late on a Friday night and after a couple of beers 😉

UPDATE: A few more entrants:

Seesmic founder Loïc Le Meur

mackenzey (maybe not quite fast enough)

RWW x5 fast on

pixites (ok this is a little scary)

rww on

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