Like everyone else YouTube has an end of the year list, but there’s something a little strange about all the media coverage today on the “top YouTube videos of 2007.” These aren’t the most viewed videos of the year. They are YouTube’s selection of the “most memorable.”

The most popular videos on YouTube this year were a bunch of major label music videos – not the user generated content the site would like to be known for. Ultimately there’s plenty of room for both, but let’s get our story straight.

The most viewed video on YouTube this year was Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend, an examination of predatory female adolescent heterosexuality. Embedding is turned off for Girlfriend, but below (in a single playlist) are all of the videos on YouTube’s Most Memorable List that can be embedded, followed by the videos that were most viewed this year. You can also check out ReadWriteWeb’s commentary in August of the Top 10 YouTube Videos of All Time.

Both lists are fun to watch – even if the mega-classic Shoes was somehow not included on either. (I mean, “these lists SUCK.”) I suppose to be fair, Shoes was a 2006er – as was Dick in a Box, but do any of the videos below come close to the awesomeness of either of those videos?